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Mr. Thein Aung (Consulting Engineer)

    University of Rangoon, Rangoon, Burma -- B.Sc., Mathematics, Physics
    University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia -- B.E., Mining Engineering

    Certified Novell Network Administrator


Mr. Aung has over 40 years experience in detailed surface and subsurface geophysical, geochemical, hydrological, and environmental investigation. Mr. Aung has extensive experience working as a Mining Engineer in Australia, Burma, and Malaysia. Mr. Aung is experienced in environmental site investigation and management including; contaminated soils, groundwater, wastewater, air emissions, and hazardous materials/waste characterization, treatment, and disposal. Mr. Aung has written detailed technical manuals and standard procedures/methods for Mining Engineering students in preparing for their Thesis. Mr. Aung is also experienced with many engineering and design software programs and has designed and developed environmental information, capabilities and services websites.

Mr. Aung has managed large environmental investigation and mining operations with up to 150 workers including site foremen, shift engineers, heavy equipment operators, and field technicians. Mr. Aung has extensive experience in geotechnical investigation instrumentation and automation software including; GPS surveying with NR52 receivers, SERCEL GPS packages, OPD and Whittle 4D software, geodimeters, Wild T0 and T1 instrumentation, RTZ geostatistical software, and magnetic, electromagnetic, resistivity and Induced Polarization geophysical techniques and instrumentation, as well as other systems and software.

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