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Soe Aung
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Mr. Soe Aung, M.S, PG (President/Chief Executive Officer)

    Michigan Technological University--MS, Mining Engineering
    Howard University, Washington D.C--MS, Environmental Geology
    Rangoon University, Burma--D.A.G., Economic and Mining Geology
    Rangoon University, Burma -- B.Sc., Mining and Engineering Geology

    Professional Geologist, Commonwealth of Virginia
    OSHA Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER)


Mr. Aung has over 40 years experience in the earth and environmental sciences. Mr. Aung possesses extensive experience in mining geology and contaminated site investigation, management and remediation. Mr. Aung has worked at the senior level for Private, University, and Government agencies in environmental and geological research, assessment, regulation and mitigation. Mr. Aung has performed site investigations, contamination delineation, and remedial actions at hundreds of hazardous and solid waste sites to include; above and underground tanks, landfills, hazardous waste storage and disposal facilities, fire training areas, industrial waste disposal sites, UXO contaminated sites, and numerous petroleum contaminated sites. Mr. Aung also possesses extensive experience in liaison and coordination with government and regulatory agencies.

Mr. Aung possesses expert surface and subsurface geological, hydrological, and geophysical surveying, investigation, and measurement knowledge, which includes both environmental investigation and mining geology. Mr. Aung has successfully performed several large mining investigations and explorations for Massive Sulphide, Nickel-Chromium, Lead, Zinc, Copper, Silver, Tin and Tungsten, Gold, and decorative stone. Mr. Aung has written many publications and papers in the area of mining geology. Mr. Aung also has over 15 years experience teaching science and mathematics at the high school and university level, including the training of graduate students and graduate trainees.

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