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Mr. Seong Jeon, Remedial Constructions Consultant

    Northwestern University, B.S, Biochemistry (1991)

    American Chemical Society
    Environmental Assessment Association


As a remedial constructions consultant , Mr. Jeon's expertise is based on academic training and extensive experience in environmental compliance and hazardous/non-hazardous waste management. Mr. Jeon has conducted over 100 environmental site assessments (Phase I & II) for private and government organizations. Mr. Jeon has also conducted over 200 leaking underground storage tank site remediations to detect, quantify and delineate contamination for commercial, residential, industrial clients and government entities. Mr. Jeon is certified to decommission underground storage tank in the following states: Virginia, New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Arizona, Indiana, and Illinois.

Mr. Jeon also has extensive experience in soil and groundwater investigation and remediation. Mr. Jeon has installed observation wells and treatment systems at many sites including pump and treat technology, aerobic/anaerobic bioremediation, dual phase extraction systems, and recovery systems. Mr. Jeon has successfully negotiated numerous No Further Action status with regulatory agencies across the United States.

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