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Mr. Jiann-Yang Hwang, PhD (Senior Scientist/Engineer)

    Purdue University PhD., Geosciences--
                Mineral Processing and Electrical Engineering
    Purdue University MS, Geosciences-- Mineralogy and Geology
    National Cheng Kung University- BS, Earth Sciences


Dr. Hwang has over 40 years of extensive experience in the Earth and Geosciences. Dr. Hwang is an expert researcher at the top of his professional and has held multiple Director, Chair and member positions in the departments of Geology and Geological Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mining Engineering, and Department of Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences at the Michigan Technological University. He has authored numerous publications in detailed scientific research studies and served as Editor and Editor in chief of several scientific technical journals including the Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering. He has also served as Chairman of numerous scientific and research committees with various scientific and engineering associations and organizations.

Dr. Hwangs technical areas of expertise include; the development of magnetic, electrostatic, flotation, and other physical separation methods; characterization of minerals, materials and wastes; mineralogy and liberation; surface chemistry; dispersion, agglomeration and surface modifications of fine particles; beneficiation of coal, minerals, and solid wastes; microwave processing; ferrofluid and magnetizing reagents, preparations and applications; foundry sand reclamation; plastic recycling; plating sludge leaching and pyro processing; flyash processing and utilization for concrete, filler, ceramic, and activated carbon applications; automobile shredding residues (Fluff) processing; mixed plastics separation; medical wastes sterilization; activated carbon preparation; lubricant cleaning; paper deinking; kraft paper wastewater decoloring; fine particle emission control; paint separation from abrasives; and glass recycling and reuse.

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