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Environmental considerations are an integral part of routine business for all organizations today. Successful businesses have operating and capital investment budgets for environmental assessment and control. The best environmental programs are those that integrate environmental planning into strategic management and business planning. Focusing on phased implementation and execution based on requirements and risk determination is smart business planning. Attempting to frontload total environmental compliance costs in a short period of time is unrealistic and often unachievable, resulting in cost inefficiency and compliance shortfalls. Shotgun approaches attempt to hit as much as possible at one time hoping that enough is hit to protect your interests. Rifle approaches focus on specific targets and ensure your priorities are addressed in a manner that progressively and continuously reduces risk and liability. It is easy to predict which approach is more manageable and affordable. Experience indicates that "Due Diligence" includes a detailed realistic plan that addresses environmental risks and concerns within the bounds of an organization's fiscal resources. The adage "They won't throw you in jail for trying" still rings true for most environmental regulatory agencies.

Greenfield International provides you expert consultation and services in environmental program management and project execution. Understanding the philosophy, intent, and evolution of existing and future environmental legislation provides senior and executive managers the desired compliance comfort. Greenfield International focuses on addressing real vs. perceived risk avoiding unnecessary effort and expenditure while effectively minimizing or eliminating environmental concern. Rapid assessment of requirements; determination of real risks; managerial and technical innovation; and proactive allocation of resources ensures the success of environmental programs and efforts and avoids waste of time and money. With our extensive experience in open dialogue and liaison with regulatory agencies, the management of real risk as opposed to perceived risk is a goal senior executives can set for success. Many environmental programs and projects have been developed or designed and are in their infancy or early execution. Periodic independent reviews allow many opportunities for adjusting efficiency and identifying cost savings. Greenfield International continues to be successful in assisting clients in streamlining and saving money in environmental programs and projects. Bottom line: we can save you time and money in existing efforts and identify cost effective and efficient methodologies for new and future requirements.

"Let us help you towards a better environment" . . .


Our Capabilities

Greenfield International provides you expert consultation and services in environmental program management and project execution . . .
Greenfield International has extensive experience in developing, implementing, and executing environmental programs and mitigative measures in private and commercial operations, academic and research institutions, and Federal, State, . . .


Key Individuals

  • Soe Aung
  • Thidar Lwin
  • Thinsaint Nyo
  • King Troensegaard
  • Thein Aung
  • Dr. Win Pe
  • Dr. Hwang  


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